New Image for Godfathers Rugby

As one of the UK's leading 7's and 10's teams, the CLIC Sargent Godfathers have today unveiled new branding ahead of our 16th season.

For the first time in 15 years, the team has moved away from it's traditional 'puppet strings' design, choosing a radically different and distinctive new look incorporating a mobster figure within a shield.

Godfathers logo new.jpg

Godfathers Don Garth Hannaford said 'We've used the same logo since we were founded and it's been a difficult decision to move away from something which is so iconic on the rugby circuit. However after 15 years, it was the perfect time to introduce the new branding.

We are delighted by how it looks. The design is bold and distinctive, and we're grateful to Rosalind harris from Ros Creative design for helping us put it together.

The new branding will be used across our new website and social media, as well as the new range of playing kit and leisure wear we are developing in conjunction with Olorun sports whose new and exciting kit designs have helped us visualise the brand.

These are exciting times for the Godfathers and we hope the new logo will cement our place as one of the most recognisable rugby 7's teams in the UK'

Garth HannafordComment