Exeter University 7s in 1998 which was only the second outing for The Godfathers

Exeter University 7s in 1998 which was only the second outing for The Godfathers


Now in our 19th year the CLIC Sargent Godfathers have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful and well travelled teams on the rugby 7's circuit. Chances are that you have seen the distinctive all black shirts and Godfather logo over the years!

Originally formed by housemates and friends to play at the Exeter Uni 7's in 1998 the team soon evolved into a highly successful outfit expanding year on year and playing in an increasing number of tournaments all over the UK and Europe. Although originally very much a south west based team the various Godfather teams are now comprised of players from all over the UK (and sometimes even further a field)!

We now have three teams representing the Godfathers banner with an elite mens team ('the Borgata'), an academy/development team ('the Cugines') and a vets team ('the Capos') all playing regularly throughout the summer and ensuring that we can develop and retain players of all ages and standards playing competitive rugby.

The common ingredient with all Godfather teams/players however is to maintain the 'Family' style ethos of playing attractive 7's on the pitch whilst ensuring great camaraderie and a great social vibe off the pitch. We are also immensely proud to represent CLIC Sargent and do our upmost to raise money  and awareness for this great charity.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to win numerous tournaments all over the UK and Europe with notable victories at Flanders x2, Warsaw, Hamburg, Edinburgh and Olney being notable highlights. The Vets team have also recorded victories at the Legends 10s, and are three time winners of the Flanders Open 10s .

We can also boast an impressive alumni of players including former England captain Pat Sanderson, as well as fellow England caps Alex Sanderson, Matt Moore and rugby league internationals Barrie Jon Mather and Kevin Ellis. In recent years flanker Charlie Walker Blair has gone on to play for the Exeter Chiefs and Will Luangrath is a star of the HSBC Asian 7s circuit. Last year we also boasted memebers of the current Welsh (Jacob Unwin) and English (Ethan Waddleton) 7's set ups in our Bournemouth squad.

With an ever growing and very talented player base and some very generous and supportive sponsors the future continues to look very bright.

If you would like to get involved as either a player/sponsor or in another capacity please get in touch.

Oderint dum Metuant......